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Microsoft ® is the publisher of some of the most popular software products ever made.

Windows 8, Windows 7 , Microsoft Office , Word, Excel,  Powerpoint

Cheap Software has been providing access to discount Microsoft software for almost 15 years. OEM software available to system builders.

Software downloads are done directly thru Microsoft's System on our website or Amazon.

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All Microsoft ® Software Products are guaranteed legitimate. Download Direct from Microsoft ® or buy the retail boxed versions of Windows 7, Office, XP, Vista, Upgrade Software and hundreds of titles and have them delivered to your door via express delivery.


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Lets face it, There are a lot of websites claiming to sell Cheap Microsoft Software. Problem is, almost 80% of them are probably selling illegal, counterfeit or OEM Software to unsuspecting consumers. Many of  these "Cheap Software imitation sites" sell software at ridiculous prices, take your cash and then either shut down... or ship you a a phony copy without Key Codes, Serial #'s or packaging. I am amazed at how many people think they can buy a legitimate brand new copy of Microsoft Office for $25... Come on folks, if it is too good to be true -- it is.

Microsoft Software buyers need to pay attention and demand only authentic, legitimate computer software. CheapSoftware.Com has been online since 1997. All of our cheap Microsoft software, ALL OF OUR SOFTWARE, is guaranteed authentic from our suppliers. You will never receive an OEM disk from us, an opened package or software that you can not register directly from the software manufacturer. So Please, don't take chances!


Cheap Software has partnered with to bring you the finest Microsoft products at discount prices.

postheadericon Warning Signs of a Microsoft Software Scam!

We've been in this business a very long time... here are the top warning signs that your "great" Software deal is probably counterfeit.

#1) Domain Name selling the software ends with an extension that is not .Com or .Net.  You must try and avoid .Biz / .info and many of the international domain website extensions.  Domains like is probably not the place you want to buy software from.

#2) Never buy Microsoft or name brand software using Pay Pal.  If you have to buy Microsoft software with Paypal - cancel it.  Legitimate merchants accept Visa and Mastercard and only offer paypal as a final option.  International Software Scammers love to sell bogus software using PayPal.

#3) They say they will email you the authentication keys.  Genuine Software downloaded direct from Microsoft or Amazon will have those authentication keys on file in an online system that brings you to the download as soon as Microsoft or Amazon processes your payment.  Instantly!  Software shipped to you should always be retail boxed and sealed, just like you would buy in the stores.

#4) 80% of software sold on online auctions is counterfeit, it is no good and you will never be able to legally register it.  They will tell you in the auction ad that you can register it... but in most cases, you get a bad looking CD, try to install it and it does not work.

#5) The Majority of Microsoft Products sold by International domains and online auction houses are embedded with viruses and trojans.  Why take the chance?

#6) Never buy Software from someone who has a Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail Email Account. It's a red flag for FRAUD! The email should be a real email address with a business email address.  Ours is Same as our website.

“Cheap Software .Com only sells licensed, legitimate and authentic software. Our Microsoft ® Software Products are sold through Amazon.Com or electronically delivered to your computer direct from Microsoft. ” They even bill you directly!

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