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Lets face it, There are a lot of websites claiming to sell cheap Microsoft Software. Problem is, almost 80% of them are probably selling illegal, counterfeit or OEM software to unsuspecting consumers. Many of these "Cheap Software imitation sites" sell Microsoft software at ridiculous prices, take your cash and then either shut down... or ship you a a phony copy without Key Codes, Serial #'s or packaging. I am amazed at how many people think they can buy a legitimate brand new copy of Microsoft Office for $25... Come on folks, if it is too good to be true -- it is.

Microsoft Software buyers need to pay attention and demand only authentic, legitimate computer software. CheapSoftware.Com has been online since 1997. All of our cheap Microsoft software, ALL OF OUR SOFTWARE, is guaranteed authentic from our suppliers. You will never receive an OEM disk from us, an opened package or software that you can not register directly from the software manufacturer. So buy your Microsoft software directly from Microsoft using our links below or from our vetted software suppliers.

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All Microsoft software downloads are done directly through Microsoft Software Store or Amazon and their robust systems for guaranteed authentic Microsoft Office software. Access to your Microsoft Preparation software downloads is instant. Physical Microsoft software is delivered, Retail Boxed and Factory Sealed.
Microsoft offers award-winning document software that has redefined business. Microsoft ® is the publisher of some of the most popular software products ever made. Windows 8, Windows 7 , Microsoft Office , Word, Excel, Powerpoint

OEM software available to system builders.