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Protect your computer against everyday threats such as virus attacks, spyware and hackers. offers great antivirus software at discount prices. We feature the latest antivirus software from Symantec, McAfee and other antivirus software publishers.

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The best way to recover from a virus is never to catch one. Just as you should wash your hands a lot during cold season and try to avoid sharing silverware with sick people, you should also take preventive steps to protect your PC from virus infection.

If you use e-mail, download files from the Internet, or share files with other computers, you should own a good antivirus utility. Among the finest available are Norton Antivirus, McAfee Virus Scan, PC-cillin, Black Ice Defender, and others. Better yet, many of these applications are available for download, so you can start protecting your system immediately.

Symantec's Norton Antivirus is widely considered the de facto antivirus suite, although most antivirus programs share a similar set of core features. They can scan your computer's boot areas and file systems for known viruses, check e-mail for malicious attachments as each message arrives, download updates automatically, generate emergency boot diskettes in case of a serious infection, and more. Browse virus protection software. Most antivirus makers offer different products depending on users' needs. Offerings vary from small, one-user programs for home users and very small businesses to network-monitoring powerhouses for large businesses.

For the latter, virus protection should be left to the IT department or network administrator. Software licenses are a great option for businesses that need to protect a network of PCs. However, if you need more than one copy of a product but aren't ready to purchase a license, Symantec 5- and 10-user multipacks are great options for small companies. In addition, if you're running a small network, you may want to look into a backup program, which, as mentioned earlier, can be used to protect personal computers; however, they are also quite effective when used to back up small networks and protect data from the hazards of hard disk failure, power surges, and human error.

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