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How QuickBooks Pro Can Help You
Get all the tools you need in one package: Pay bills, print checks, track expenses, manage payroll1, sell online, create customized estimates, invoices, purchase orders, and reports... track time, job costs, and more. Create business plan & sales/expense forecasts. (subscription required) Share data with Microsoft® Office applications6,including Excel, Word, and Outlook, to save time and help reduce errors.
Learn More Manage customers, vendors, and employees easily with access to contact information, balances, and transactions — all in one simple screen in the Customer Center, Vendor Center, and Employee Center.
Learn More Boost efficiency with direct access to key tasks and information from the simplified Home Page.
Learn More NEW! Google Marketing Tools. Google Marketing Tools offer you new ways to help attract customers easily and online. Advertise your business with Google AdWords®, help customers find your business with Google Maps listings, and find buyers by making your products searchable on Google.
Learn More Organize everything in one place, including sales, expenses, business loans, and more.
Learn More Multiple User Solutions available for up to 5 simultaneous users. Learn More about QuickBooks Pro 3 User Edition and other QuickBooks options for businesses with multiple users. Start fast and get help when you need it, with built-in tutorials, onscreen help, and FREE QuickBooks callback support for 30 days following registration.3
Learn More Satisfaction Guaranteed — or your money back!7 QuickBooks is the financial management solution recommended by more accountants than any other, and we guarantee your satisfaction or your money back.
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Get all the accounting tools you need in one package
From the basics like simple check writing and expense tracking to more complex tasks like estimating, job costing and payroll, QuickBooks Pro handles it all.
Track expenses automatically as you pay bills
Record bills in QuickBooks, and get automatic reminders when they're due. Create checks to pay your outstanding bills in one step. QuickBooks tracks expenses and job costs automatically as you pay bills, saving you hours of manually collecting and calculating data for taxes and invoicing. Now, QuickBooks can automatically classify your frequently entered business expenses. Create estimates and invoices in seconds

click to enlarge Duplicate and edit previous estimates to create new ones without rewriting all the details. When it's time to bill your customer, turn any estimate into an invoice with one click. Choose from dozens of pre-designed QuickBooks templates to give your invoices a professional look. For businesses that don't use standard invoices to bill customers, you can send the key invoice data to a customizable Microsoft Word document and add a personalized note. Get exactly the reports you need

click to enlarge QuickBooks comes with pre-designed reports to help you make better business decisions. Get the totals you need for tax forms instantly, see profit and loss, view inventory on hand, and more.
See report details Create customized, professional forms
Choose from more than 100 ready-to-use, professionally designed forms, including invoices, estimates, and statements. Advanced tools help you customize forms with your company logo and additional information such as terms or the types of credit cards you accept. You can even add text comments like notes, terms, conditions, transaction details and total customer balances. Track employee time and job costs
QuickBooks lets you easily track costs by job as you pay bills and track employee hours. You can transfer those figures to paychecks and invoices automatically, and run job costing reports to see where you're making or losing money on each of your jobs. New QuickBooks Time Tracker enables you to easily download employee and contractor timesheets into QuickBooks with new online timesheets.8 Includes automatic email reminders. Subscription fees apply after free 60-day trial. Save time on payroll, manage it within QuickBooks1 (Additional fees apply)
Save time and reduce payroll errors with QuickBooks Payroll, a subscription-based service. QuickBooks Payroll works within QuickBooks and automatically uses employee data and timesheet data from your QuickBooks records.

It keeps your tax tables up-to-date automatically. Just enter employee hours, and QuickBooks Payroll instantly calculates gross pay, deductions, and paycheck amounts. You can print checks on your office printer, or save employees a trip to the bank with Direct Deposit1. QuickBooks offers a variety of timesaving, easy-to-use Payroll Solutions.
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Share data with Microsoft Office and more
QuickBooks breaks the language barriers between your favorite applications, so you can share data seamlessly instead of tediously copying or retyping it.
Avoid redundant data entry with easy synchronization with Outlook.6

click to enlarge Simply download the QuickBooks Contact Sync tool from our website and a "synchronize" icon will be added to your Outlook toolbar. Just click once on this icon whenever you want to sync customer, vendor or job information between QuickBooks and Outlook. No more re-entering contact or job information in multiple places. With the Contact Synch for Outlook tool, you can manage your data more easily and get in touch with your customers or vendors faster. Learn more about QuickBooks Contact Sync for Outlook.

Work Easily with Microsoft Office (0:29) Transfer data to and from Microsoft Excel.9

click to enlarge Quickly pull information such as large groups of customers, vendors, and inventory items into QuickBooks. Or use your company data from your QuickBooks reports and export it to new or existing Excel spreadsheets with all Excel formulas and formatting intact. Anytime you export updated data from QuickBooks, Excel maintains your existing formulas and updates the results automatically.

Import and Export Excel Spreadsheets (1:03) Merge QuickBooks data with Microsoft Word.9

click to enlarge QuickBooks comes with a variety of customer and vendor letters that you can create using Microsoft Word that merge information from QuickBooks, such as customer name, address, and current balance. Select a group of customers or vendors in QuickBooks, choose a template, and QuickBooks merges the data to create a letter in Word. With just a few more clicks, you can create standard envelopes with all the right customer information just as easily. If your business doesn't send invoices, QuickBooks can also create Invoice Letters that have customer billing information, and you can write any personal message to easily bill customers with the look you want.

Convert QuickBooks Invoice or Estimate to Word Document (0:46) Share data with more than 400 other business applications.10
QuickBooks works with over 400 popular software applications, including industry-specific applications, in order to meet your specific business needs. Convert data from Peachtree.11
If you currently run your business on Peachtree software you can easily convert your data to QuickBooks. In just a few steps, you can start working in QuickBooks using your Peachtree information, including customer lists, vendor lists, balances, and inventory lists.
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Manage customers, vendors, and employees easily
The fastest, easiest way to find everything you need to know about any customer, vendor, or employee, and all their transactions.
NEW! Time Tracker (add on service)
Time Tracker is the simplest way to track and record employee time in QuickBooks. Your employees can track their hours from anywhere, using a timesheet on the Web. You can download an entire set of timesheets from QuickBooks in one easy step.12 60 day free trial included. See key information all in one simple screen
Spend less time hunting for specific transactions. View customer, vendor, employee and payroll information exactly the way you need it: with contact information, transaction histories, and balances, all visible in a single screen. Quickly find any transaction to answer questions. Customer Center

click to enlarge Find and follow-up on past-due accounts, and answer customer requests faster. See contact information and complete transaction history for any customer. Initiate new estimates, invoices, and other transactions, with customer information already in place.

Try an interactive example of the Customer Center (Interactive) Vendor Center

click to enlarge Select any vendor to see purchase orders, bills, and payments. Check your account status to avoid paying twice, paying for unreceived merchandise, or incurring late charges. Initiate new payments or purchase orders with one click.

Try an interactive example of the Vendor Center (Interactive) Employee Center

click to enlarge See contact information for any employee and a complete list of checks paid. If you need to make changes to personnel or get in touch with an employee, you can find employee contact information right on this screen.13

Try an interactive example of the Employee Center (Interactive) NEW! Manage employees efficiently
Stay on top of your payroll with new tools such as easy scheduled payroll groups and a to do list for tax payment due dates. Payroll Center.1 (Additional fees apply).

click to enlarge Stay on top of payroll processing with the improved Payroll Center, which now has a review, confirm, and submit process that provides full confirmation of payroll scheduling. Set up federal, state, and other liability payment schedules by answering simple questions about your business, and get reminders of what has accrued, what agency to pay, and when they are due. Pay liabilities directly from the same screen, as well as drill down to the detailed level if needed. Once a payment has been made, all your company information is updated. The Payroll Center also gives you types and examples to help you ensure your payroll is accurate.
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Boost efficiency so you can get back to business
Streamline your work by accessing any task or transaction within two clicks, automating routine tasks and typing, and letting QuickBooks do all the math.
Manage your finances faster from the simplified Home Page

click to enlarge The customizable Home Page gives you direct access to key features, plus a clear picture of how they all fit together. No searching through menus — you're never more than two clicks from starting a new task. You can also choose to see current balances for your accounts in QuickBooks, so you know right where you stand without digging through multiple screens. Enter information once, use it everywhere
Tired of retyping the same information on different forms? With Pro you won't have to do it again: Start typing a customer or vendor name — QuickBooks fills in the rest. Track job costs and hours — QuickBooks transfers them to invoices and paychecks. Calculate and recalculate totals instantly
QuickBooks save you from making errors by calculating all totals automatically, including sales tax, discounts, and markups. No need to write formulas or do math. Make changes, and see the results instantly. Easily manage received payments and refunds
QuickBooks makes it easier than ever to apply customer payments, including amounts that don't match your invoices. If a customer overpays, you can choose to refund the difference or apply it to a future payment. If a customer underpays, you can choose to keep track of what they still owe you or just write off the extra amount. Onscreen reminders help to ensure that overpayments, underpayments, discounts, and credits are handled correctly. And you can easily track refunds for credit card transactions. Enter data into familiar forms

click to enlarge QuickBooks tracks and calculates your financial information automatically as you fill out checks, invoices, and other familiar forms that look and work just like the ones you already use. Download bank and credit card transactions in as little as one step.
Don't have time to keep track of expenses? Let QuickBooks do it for you. Download cleared checks and credit card transactions from your financial institutions, and enter them into your QuickBooks with as little as one click.5 You'll have more detailed records, with a lot less time and effort. Sell online
Create and run a successful Web store with QuickBooks Merchant Services for Web Stores, a solution that allows you to accept credit cards online and works with QuickBooks. You can update pricing, record sales and customer information, download transactions and fees, and adjust inventory. Learn more. Email invoices, purchase orders, and reports as PDF files.14
Instantly send estimates, invoices, and purchase orders by emailing them as PDF files. Click a button to turn any estimate, purchase order, invoice, or report into a PDF file and attach it to an e-mail. No more waiting at the post office. Or save the PDF file as a snapshot copy of the report for future reference. Easily reconcile and "undo" a reconciliation

click to enlarge Ever cleared a transaction in error while reconciling your register against your bank statement? Don't spend hours tracking down individual transactions, clear all the transactions in the last reconciliation in one click. You can also easily customize the layout of the reconcile screen. A reconcile discrepancy report shows you changes and deletions made to previously reconciled transactions.
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NEW! Google Marketing Tools
Start marketing and advertising your business and products on the Internet in just a few easy steps. Once you purchase and install your QuickBooks 2007 software, simply click on the Google Marketing Tools icon* from your Home page. Choose the tools that work best for you including Google Maps, Google AdWords, and QuickBooks Product Listing Service.

* Available in Simple Start, Pro, Premier editions, Enterprise Solutions, Point of Sale, Credit Card Processing Kit, and Invoice Manager.
List your business on Google Maps to reach new local customers looking for your business– Free15

click to enlarge There's a very good chance that lots of people are currently searching on Google for the products and services you offer. Whether you have a website or not, why not make it easy for them to find your business. With Google Maps, you don't have to worry about publishing deadlines or outdated content. You can edit your listing whenever you like. You'll see your changes reflected in the search results within six weeks. Additional benefits include:
You can manage listings for businesses of any size. Whether you have one business location or several, you can manage your listings from a single account.
Free printable coupons. Reach new customers or retain loyal ones through printable coupons displayed alongside your listing.

Advertise your business with Google AdWords® — Get started with $50 in Google AdWords credits16

click to enlarge Select search terms that relate to your business and easily create your advertising message. Your business could see new customers in minutes.

Once your ad is set up, you only pay when interested prospects click through to your site. You get to decide how much you’d like to pay for each prospective customer lead, the volume you can handle, and target customers by state, city and even neighborhood. You have complete control over how much you spend, and can pause or start your campaign, and make changes to your messaging as often as you like. Plus, with this offer of $50 in Google AdWords credits*, it’s easier than ever to get started.
Make your products searchable on Google – Beta (Free during Beta)17, 18

click to enlarge QuickBooks Product Listing Service (Beta) enables you to get your product information onto Google to let shoppers know you carry the items they are looking for. Save time by using the pricing and product information you already have in QuickBooks. Select the products you want to list, edit the descriptions, and add photos. Detailed product pages are automatically formatted, created, and hosted for you so that they may be searchable on Google.
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Organize everything in one place
QuickBooks tracks all your financial information in one place, and gives you answers instantly!
Find information fast, without digging
QuickBooks organizes and tracks all your business information in one easily accessible place. Better still, it tracks that information automatically as you create the checks, receipts, invoices, and other documents you already use. IMPROVED! Create FedEx and UPS shipments directly from QuickBooks

click to enlarge Process shipments faster with fewer errors, and track them without leaving QuickBooks. QuickBooks Shipping Manager converts sales receipts or invoices into pre-filled FedEx or UPS shipping labels and forms, complete with tracking numbers and bar codes. You can even schedule pickups and track those shipments, all from QuickBooks19. You can easily print labels and ship multiple packages from single shipment orders with our multi-parcel shipping feature. Shipping Manager now also supports thermal printers. Track loans, fixed assets, and vehicle mileage
Track business loans and fixed assets such as computers and other equipment, right along with your other financial data. Track vehicle expenses and job-related mileage. QuickBooks automatically reminds you to include related expenses when you bill for the job.
Google Desktop™ 20
Quickly find the customer, vendor or financial information that you’re looking for in QuickBooks or on your computer. Just type in a word or phrase that you’re searching for and you’ll quickly get a complete list of files that best match your search. Click on the link and go straight to the customer or invoice in QuickBooks that you want. Easy, quick, and flexible – You have full control over the search, and you can decide whether you want to install the tool or not. Your QuickBooks information is never sent to other parties – ever.
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QuickBooks Solutions for Businesses with Multiple Users
QuickBooks offers a variety of products that increase efficiency and collaboration for businesses with multiple users.
What are the benefits of multiple user functionality?
QuickBook's Pro multiple user functionality allows up to 5 users to work on QuickBooks at the same time. Increase collaboration by all users having access to the same updated data. And, QuickBooks gives you the flexibility to add just the number of users you need.
Who might need multiple user functionality?
Any business who has multiple people who need to use QuickBooks. You must have a unique license for each user. A typical multiple user business might consist of the owner, an office manager, and a payroll manager. The business owner might use QuickBooks to run reports and monitor the business's performance, the office manager enters orders and invoices into QuickBooks, and the payroll manager prints out checks for employees. Find the right multiple user solution for your business
QuickBooks offers a variety of products that that enable multiple users to collaborate more efficiently. Compare multiple user solutions. Looking for more information before making your purchase decision?
Check out the multi-user FAQ or call us at (888) 729-1996. Product available with multi-user capabilities:

Single users
from: $199
Pro 3 User
Edition: $499
Pro 3 User Edition
Provides standard accounting and business tools for organizing your finances with ease.

Pro 3 User Edition 2007 provides access for 3 users, with the option to buy up to 2 additional single licenses
Or just purchase the number of copies of Single Pro User Editions that you need
Either way, up to 5 users can access QuickBooks at the same time

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Easily get started and get help when you need it
Get set up and running quickly

click to enlarge Answer a few basic questions, and get a customized setup you can change at any time. Import customers and vendors from Excel, or enter them on-the-fly as you pay bills and record sales. If you're already using QuickBooks, your company file and preferences will transfer automatically. Get fast answers without leaving QuickBooks
You'll find fast answers to most questions in the in-product, onscreen Help. Type a question, choose from a list of topics, or search by keyword. Learn QuickBooks quickly with built-in tutorials

click to enlarge Learn QuickBooks skills as you need them — in your own time, at your own pace. The built-in Learning Center offers short tutorials on basic and advanced features to help you get the most out of QuickBooks. Enjoy FREE callback support for 30 days from registration
Have a question about QuickBooks? Talk directly with a QuickBooks support expert at no charge for the first 30 days following registration.3 Experts are available to help you with setup, upgrading, using QuickBooks features, or any other questions or issues. Simply go online to submit your question, and a support expert will call you back. Join the discussions — ask questions, share your advice about QuickBooks
Visit the QuickBooks Community to connect with users, experts, and other businesses. You can:

Connect with users and experts to get answers for free
Exchange experiences with businesses like yours
Share advice and get tips and tricks from others on how to run your business more effectively using QuickBooks

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